The experts at Lynn’s Heating, Cooling, Sewer & Drain in Winnipeg are licensed journeymen with all the right equipment to service your home and take care of your drain cleaning. Our family owned and operated business is based right here in the area, and that’s hard to find nowadays.

We have been in the plumbing and HVAC business for more 30 years, and you can still find our distinctive trucks on the road. We are able to unblock almost any sewer and drain in Winnipeg, no matter how clogged. Our professional team will keep your home clean while completing their work, being sure to use tarps and wear booties to prevent the spread of dirt and debris.


  • Main sewer rooter drain cleaning
  • Floor drain
  • Jet flushing and grease trap cleaning upon request
  • Kitchen sink cleaning
  • Sump pump or back water valve inspection
  • Bath tub or bathroom sink blockage
  • Camera sewer line with visual inspection

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You rely on the plumbing in your home in order to clean dishes, wash clothes and take showers. What happens when your sink, tub or toilet becomes clogged? Lynn’s Heating, Cooling, Sewer & Drain offers drain cleaning in Winnipeg in order to help you maintain your daily routine. 

The most common drains that become clogged and need cleaning are in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Regularly cleaning your sinks, toilets and bathtubs can lessen the likelihood that your drains will clog. The following tips can help you prevent drain clogs:

  • Use a tub strainer to keep hair out of your plumbing
  • Frequently clean the strainer so water will properly drain
  • Wash the stopper in your tub drain
  • Clean your sinks, toilets and tubs weekly
  • Remove soap scum and mildew buildup

In the event of a clog in your tub, sink or toilet, apply a plunger to the drain. If nothing happens after a few pushes, it’s likely you need professional drain cleaning in Winnipeg.


On top of drain cleaning, we also offer sewer cleaning in Winnipeg. Wastewater flows down through your drain system into the sewer lines where it is then transported to the local sewage treatment plant. If your home sewer becomes clogged or blocked, this can cause serious sewage backups into your home.

In order to avoid this gross and disastrous issue, there are several signs for you to catch a sewer blockage before it can cause serious damage. If you need sewer cleaning, you’ll notice following signs:

  • Multiple drains in your home are backed up – with the many drain lines connecting your water appliances, when the main sewage line is clogged the water draining from your other appliances will back up.
  • Water is overflowing into different plumbing fixtures – once your water appliances back up, they will then begin to overflow with water. This will likely start in your basement.
  • Sewer clean out filled with water – the sewer clean out is a pipe that provides access to the sewer line so blockages can be removed. If you look in the sewer clean out and see water flowing out or sanding in the pipe, this indicates you have a sewer line clog.

If you find that you do have a clogged sewer line, before calling for professional sewer cleaning in Winnipeg, you need to turn off your main water supply. If the water continues to run your home can become flooded with water and sewage. Your main water supply valve is likely located in your basement, near your water heater or in your garage. Once located, turn the water valve clockwise to shut it off.


First of all, we’re licensed, bonded, insured and trusted in Winnipeg for sewer and drain cleaning by many restaurants, restoration companies and government facilities. Lynn’s Heating, Cooling, Sewer & Drain has been drain line rooter cleaning for over 3 decades. We use top of the line RIGID® equipment, including cameras, hand tools, sink machines and more to handle your plugged sewer/ drain lines. Our drain cleaning work comes with a 3 month warranty, too. Ask us about this next time you call.

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