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Clogged drains are a significant headache for any household, and can be even more common and problematic for families with school-aged children. As the various drains in your home start getting used more frequently come school time, you may also start dealing with more frequent clogs. The licensed Winnipeg sewer and drain cleaning experts at Lynn’s HVAC Winnipeg – Heating, Cooling, Sewer & Drain are often called to deal with drains that have been put out of commission by:

1) Food No matter how small, food particles sent down the kitchen drain can collect and form a blockage. It is a good idea to fit your drains with wire mesh filters to catch any food that does try to make its way down the drain.

2) Hair Bathroom shower drains are commonly blocked by hair that falls out when members of your household take a shower. Installing a filter over your shower drain is a good idea, as it is impossible to catch and remove all hairs before they make their way into the drain.

3) Grease Another likely reason why you may end up calling a Winnipeg plumbing service to take a look at your kitchen sink is because of a buildup of grease. The grease sent down the drain from pots and pans can cool and coat the inside of the pipes, trapping other debris as well.

4) Objects which shouldn’t be flushed Most toilet drain clogs arise because of an attempt to flush objects which shouldn’t be flushed. Baby wipes, dental floss, cotton swabs, and certain feminine hygiene products are among many items which are often flushed but which do not disintegrate in water.

5) Tree roots If multiple drains in your house are clogged, then the problem is likely further down in your home’s plumbing system, and it may be caused by an infiltration of tree roots. Always in search of water, tree roots can find their way into drains, cracking and collapsing them. A Winnipeg drain cleaning service can find out if this is the case.

Potential Problems Caused by Clogged Drains

Not only are clogged drains frustrating and often inconvenient, but they can cause damage to your home and pose a danger to your health. Water can seep out of a clogged drain, causing water damage and even flooding. The stagnant water that collects in clogged drains can also encourage the growth of pathogens that trigger allergies and illnesses. You may be tempted to tackle plumbing problems on your own, but if the issue requires more than a plunger to solve or of it is reoccurring then you are much better off calling the Winnipeg sewer and drain experts at Lynn’s Heating, Cooling, Sewer & Drain. Our licensed journeymen have been providing professional drain cleaning services for over 30 years. Our camera inspections can get to the bottom of the problem quickly, saving you time and money. Get in touch with Lynn’s Heating, Cooling, Sewer & Drain by phone, e-mail, or via our online form today.

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