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You may not have put much thought into servicing your chimney before, but a deteriorating chimney can pose serious health risks and safety hazards for you and your family.

When chimney’s don’t get the regular maintenance they require, areas can crack or collapse over time, seeping dangerous gasses into your home.  

Chimney lining is necessary when your chimney or old chimney lining is deteriorated, cracked, or otherwise unable to properly vent smoke and gasses from your home.

What Is A Chimney Liner?

The lining of your chimney is a non-combustible barrier that channels the gasses, smoke, and other particles made by your furnace, stove, or fireplace away from your home. This lining is separate from your chimney and can be made from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, or clay tiles.

Signs You Need A New Chimney Liner

A few warning signs you may need a new chimney lining can include:

  • Smoke or gasses coming into the home
  • Strong smells coming from the fireplace
  • Broken piece of clay in your firebox

If you spot any of these signs, you should call your local HVAC company immediately for an assessment. A proper inspection will tell you the condition of your liner and if you need to replace it.

If you are replacing a furnace or hot water tank or changing fuel types, Manitoba Hydro recommends installing or replacing a chimney liner to ensure it matches the necessary venting output. Faulty chimney liners are the number one cause of chimney fires.

Chimney Liner Inspection and Repair

Lynn’s HVAC provides chimney lining and chimney relining repairs to Winnipeg and rural Manitoba. We’ve been Manitoba’s trusted company for over 25 years and our certified professionals can help with all of your heating, ventilation, air conditioning needs.

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