Why Is My Toilet Leaking From The Base

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Have you seen water around the base of your toilet? Toilet water leaking onto your floor is not something you want to ignore. Toilet water is extremely unsanitary and full of harmful bacteria and viruses. The water itself may seep underneath the tile and into the subfloor causing damage. Whether you try and fix the problem yourself or call a professional plumber, a leaky toilet should be fixed right away.

Look For The Clues

To make sure the leak is indeed a leak and not just condensation, soak up the water then flush the toilet again. Check the hose behind the toilet and rule out this being the cause. If your toilet continues to leak, you should refrain from using the toilet until you’ve found the problem.

You’ll want to narrow down where the water is coming from after you flush. If the water is leaking only after you flush, then the leak is coming from the toilet bowl itself.


Reasons Why Your Toilet Is Leaking

There are two main culprits to look for when looking for the source of your toilet’s leak:

Loose Tee Bolts

The tee bolts are the first place you should look, simply because it’s the easiest thing to fix. Tee bolts keep your toilet fastened to your floor and are located at the base of the toilet underneath the plastic caps. Loose tee bolts may cause the toilet seal to break and cause leaks.

Test to see if the bolts are loose or broken. If they are loose, tighten them after ensuring the toilet is centered and level. If the bolts are broken or do not tighten with an adjustable wrench, then you need to have them replaced.


Damaged Wax Ring

If your toilet is still leaking after tightening or replacing the tee bolts, you’ll want to check if you have a damaged wax ring. Replacing the wax ring is cheap, but requires considerably more time and work than tee bolts, as the entire toilet has to be removed.

If you don’t feel up to replacing your toilet, contact a local plumber for help.


How To Fix A Damaged Wax Ring

Turn The Water Off

The first step is to shut off the water as you will need to remove the toilet from the base. Shut off the value at the rear of the toilet then flush the toilet until the remaining water in the bowl is gone.


Purchase A New Wax Ring

Go to the store and purchase a new wax ring. If you can, take some photos of your toilet’s base to show your local hardware pro who will help you find the right ring.


Remove the Toilet

Loosen and remove the bolts holding the toilet to the floor and lift the toilet straight up. Remember that toilets are fairly heavy and typically require two people to lift.


Remove Old Wax Ring

Wax rings sit on top of the plumbing drainpipe and should be pretty obvious to see. Scrape the ring off the drain and remove the bolts. If the toilet is old, it may require a bit of force to lift the rings and bolts off.


Replace With New Wax Ring

Press the new wax ring into where the old one was removed.


Put Toilet Seat Back On

Put the toilet back on top of the drainpipe and press down firmly before tightening all the bolts. Make sure to tighten the bolts a bit at a time to ensure the toilet sits level.


Reconnect The Water

Once everything is back in place and tightened up, it’s time to turn on the water. Flush the toilet and watch for any signs of leaks. If there aren’t any, then you’re done!


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Toilet leaks can cause damage to your floor and illness if left untreated. Sometimes the fix can be simple, but If you need help with your leaky toilet or need your toilet replaced, the experts at Lynn’s HVAC are here to help!

We’ll carefully assess, diagnose, and fix your toilet leak right the first time. Call us today to schedule our service, or visit our website for more information.

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