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Is A Ductless Mini Split System Right For You?


You really love your house. However, during the summer and winter seasons when the weather gets to the extremes, your house can get intolerably hot or unbearably cold.


You may need a better HVAC solution in your home, but does thinking about messing with HVAC ductwork make your head spin?


Did you know that there‚Äôs a more modern and efficient solution that doesn’t require ductwork?


It’s called a ductless mini-split system. Let’s talk more about this option to see if it’s right for you.

How Does A Ductless System Work?


First of all, as the name indicates, the system doesn’t require any ducts. Each room has a unit that’s mounted on the wall that connects to a compressor outside through a small opening on your wall.


Think of how a window a/c unit works, only with this system, you don’t have the security risk of keeping your window opened all the time, and you don’t get the air leakage problem that window units have.


What Are The Advantages Of A Ductless Mini-Split System?

Less Hassle

The obvious one is that you don’t need your ceiling and walls torn up to put the ducts in. If your house has no existing HVAC system already, a ductless system is cheaper to install than one that uses ductwork.


Energy Efficiency

A ductless system is also more energy-efficient than a ducted system. A lot of air is lost through the ductwork whenever you turn on your HVAC system. Without ducts, you won’t have this energy loss, and you save money on your energy bills.


No More Fighting Over Temperature

Your family won’t have to fight over the thermostat. Someone always needs their room really warm and turns up the thermostat. Then someone else starts sweating while working in a hot kitchen.


You don’t have this problem with a ductless system. Since each room has its own unit, you can set the temperature of one space higher while keeping other areas cool. No one has to suffer, and everyone is happy!


If you added new living space like a bonus room or a retreat, you don’t have to rework your duct system to give this space ventilation. The ductless unit stands on its own and doesn’t affect your current HVAC configuration.


Are There Any Limitations To Ductless Split Systems?


If you already have a system that uses ducts, it will cost more to replace it with a ductless system than with another ducted system. If you just want to add a ductless system to one room, it does cost more than a unit that you install for the window or the baseboard.



Ductless systems do need more maintenance. You need to clean the filters at least every month because if debris accumulates on the fans, the system won’t last as long, and you’ll have to spend extra to have it professionally cleaned.

A reputable HVAC company can help you sort out your options and recommend the best solution for your requirements. Call them for a free consultation. They can evaluate your space, determine the size of the system you need, and do any installation, repairs, or upgrades to give you the best air quality in your home.

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