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Easy Air Conditioning Hacks To Save You Money On Energy Bills

When the temperature begins to rise, Winnipeg residents almost instinctively turn to their air-conditioners for relief. While air-con does provide quick comfort, it also causes energy bills to skyrocket. Air-con isn’t cheap, and many of us push it to the limits or use it inefficiently when Winnipeg’s in peak heat season.

Luckily there are some very simple and easy-to-follow ways to reduce your air-con costs without sacrificing comfort.


Turn Off Your Air Con At Night

One of the easiest energy savings tips is to turn off your aircon at night. One of nature’s neat evolutionary tricks is that our bodies just don’t require the same lower temperatures to remain cool as we sleep. That’s great news for your energy bills.


Plus, we wrap ourselves in warm covering and the air is just naturally cooler in the evening. You’ll save a ton of money by not having your air-con running during your 8 hours of slumber.


Clean Your Condenser

A properly functioning air conditioner is a more energy-efficient air conditioner. Clogged or dirty filters and other internal parts block airflow and make your air-con unit work harder, raising your energy bills and also wearing out your unit faster. Give your filter a clean or changeover every few months to keep your unit running optimally.


Use Curtains & Blinds To Control Temperatures

Cool air will escape anywhere it can and let the heat seep into your home. Temperature fluctuations can be controlled by simply shutting blinds and closing curtains. How easy is that? Windows cause the highest temperature loss, thus closing blinds can lower the temperature by as much as 3-4 degrees!


So close those curtains and you’ll notice how much cooler your home stays.


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Don’t Change The Temperature Too Much

It might not seem like much, but just 1 degree can have a significant effect on your energy bills. By adding just 1 or 2 degrees to your ideal temperature, you can save a whole lot of money and remain at a comfortable temperature.


So instead of turning your air-con thermostat to 20 degrees, try a still comfortable 22. You probably won’t notice the difference in your comfort, but you will notice it with your energy bills!


Close Off Sections Of The House

It seems silly to cool large areas of an unoccupied home, doesn’t it? But that’s what many people do running ducted air-con all day long. Installing an air conditioning split system lets you leverage the power of cooling only the rooms you’re in, saving you a lot of money.


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Use Your Thermostat Timer

Getting “smart” about your thermostat is a sure-fire way to save plenty of money. If you’re away from home for long periods, you can utilize a smart thermostat to kick in at certain times of the day or have it set at a higher temperature when you’re not home and lower just before you return.


Get Your Air-Con Unit Regularly Inspected & Repaired

Touching on what we said before about checking and changing the air filters, scheduling regular professional air-conditioning repair and inspections is a small investment now to save a lot of money later on. Air-conditioning units are composed of multiple parts, and wear and tear can mean less efficiency.


A quick tune-up will get things running smoothly and light repairs will ensure your air-con doesn’t stop in the middle of the summer. A little prevention now saves a lot of headaches and costs later.


Replace Your Air Conditioner Unit With A More Energy Efficient Model

Is your air-conditioner more than 15 years old? It may be time to trade in your old model for a new unit. Energy efficiency in home appliances has increased dramatically in the past decade, and the energy rating listed on your heating and cooling appliances does have an impact on how much you pay when using them.


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A new air conditioner installation cost may be paid upfront, but you’ll make that back in the improved energy efficiency and lower bills. You’ll also get peace of mind knowing your unit will keep working throughout the hottest days of the year without your bills jumping through the roof.

Feeling comfortable in your home this summer starts with a routine inspection of all of your home appliances, including your air-con. Call Lynn’s HVAC Winnipeg today to schedule your appointment.

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