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8 Signs You May Need To Replace Your Air Con

Even great heating and cooling appliances in your home need regular inspections, maintenance from time to time. But eventually, all units need replacements. You don’t want your air-con unit malfunctioning in the middle of summer, or heater blowing in winter, do you?


Below, we’ll inform you about some of the key warning signs your air conditioning is telling you it may be nearing the end of its life.


8 Warning Signs Your Air Conditioning May Need To Be Replaced

It’s More Than 10 Years Old

Well-maintained air conditioning units typically have a lifespan of 15-20 years if kept in good condition. Without proper maintenance, however, you can start seeing problems well within the 10-year mark.


Just because your air-con still works into older age, doesn’t mean it’s working well. As age increases, efficiency and temperature control typically decreases even with regular maintenance. At some point, it will just be time to swap your unit and install a new air conditioner unit.


Frequent Repairs

All electronics and appliances need occasional maintenance, and light repairs aren’t necessarily a bad thing. However, if you find yourself needing frequent air conditioning repairs or repairing the same part over and over, you may want to consider buying a new unit.


The occasional repair might not cost much, but frequent repairs can quickly add up to as much if not more than the value of replacing the unit. If a repair will cost more than 30-40% of the value, you should get it replaced instead. You’ll take advantage of a new warranty and have peace of mind knowing your unit will work when you want it to, and not spring unexpected repair costs on you.


Experiencing Higher Energy Bills

Are your energy bills skyrocketing? It may have something to do with your air-con. Slight fluctuations in temperature between summer and winter are normal, but if find your summer energy bills continuing to rise without a change to your energy rates, it may indicate your unit is no longer running efficientlyit’sd is better to have it replaced.


You’ve Resized Your Home

The size and layout of your home affect how hard your air conditioner works. If you’ve recently added a room or otherwise expanded your home, you may want to invest in a bigger-sized unit. An underpowered unit has to work harder to cool down a room, putting it under additional strain and wearing out the parts faster.


A professional installation company can help size up your home and install the right air-con fit for your space.


Poor Air Flow

Are you experiencing cool air with little to no airflow? It may be as simple as a blocked passage, but often this issue indicates more serious problems with the compressor or other complex parts. If the aircon is set to a proper temperature but it’s not cooling down your home, it may not be worth replacing or fixing.


Strange Sounds Or Leaks

Weird noises or fluids coming from any appliance in your home are a bad sign. Some normal condensation is common around the unit, but a significant amount of pooling water or leaks from within the unit indicate its either leaking coolant and cannot rid itself of moisture.


Leaks coming from the unit can pose an electrical hazard or risk water damage to furniture or flooring. Your unit should also be very quiet. If you hear strange noises, calling an air conditioner technician will evaluate if the issue is serious and able to be repaired.


Unpleasant Smell

If your air-con unit is giving off any smell at all, this is a red flag and should be inspected immediately. A bad or musty smell may indicate mold within the unit which can spread harmful mold spores throughout your home, causing illness and triggering allergies.


Poor Temperature Control

If you’re trying to cool your room down and your unit is not responding, it could be a problem with the temperature control. The unit still may produce the same airflow, but fluctuating and inconsistent temperatures are one of the most common issues with aging air con units.


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A professional unit con repair technician can inspect the valves, filters, coils, drains, and signs of obstruction to let you know if the problem is worth fixing or it’s better to get a new unit.


Is your air con unit displaying any of these warning signs? Remember, small problems can often be repaired by an experienced HVAC company to save you money. But if it’s just time for an air conditioning replacement, the experts at Lynn’s HVAC Winnipeg will help you choose the right air con for your situation.


Feeling comfortable in your home this summer starts with a routine inspection of all of your home appliances, including your air-con. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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