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Do I Need Emergency Furnace Repair? 5 Warning Signs To Watch Out For

Your furnace is one of the most important elements in any home. With Winnipeg’s extreme temperatures, problems with your furnace should be treated very seriously.

As furnaces age, they require both regular check-ups and repairs. Some issues are small and can wait to be fixed, but others are considered emergency and require immediate attention.

But how do you know if a furnace issue requires an emergency service call?

Here are 5 signs you need emergency furnace repair right now.

Furnace Failure

The first and most obvious sign of trouble is if your furnace doesn’t turn on when it’s supposed to. You might not need immediate action in the warmer seasons, but a non-functioning furnace in the middle of winter is an emergency situation. Even with good insulation, extreme cold weather will quickly drop the temperature inside your home.

Electrical Issues

In rare instances, faulty furnaces can cause electrical issues such as breaker trips, flickering lights, and electrical noises. These can be extremely dangerous and if you notice any of these being affected by your furnace, leave your home immediately until the problem is resolved.
Gas Odor Or C02 Alarm Going Off

If you smell gas or other odd odors in your house, you should call an emergency furnace specialist right away. Gas leaks associated with faulty furnaces can cause sickness and even death. Your carbon monoxide detector is your best defense to warn you if a faulty furnace is releasing dangerous carbon monoxide gases in your home instead of safely venting it outside.

Furnace Blowing Cold Air

If your furnace starts blowing cold air in the wintertime, it can quickly drop the temperature inside your home and should be considered an emergency.

Pilot Light Is Yellow

Your pilot light should look like a strong blue flame. If it’s flickering, weak, or yellow, this indicates that it could be leaking dangerous carbon monoxide into your home. If you see this yellow light, turn off your furnace immediately and call a furnace repair and installation specialist.

Emergency 24/7 Furnace Service

Successful contractors know that furnace repair issues often can’t be put off. At Lynn’s HVAC, we are proud to give you the peace of mind to know when you need us, we’ll be there.

Lynn’s offers 24/7 furnace repair in Winnipeg, anytime you need it. Day or night, we’re on call around the clock so that an expert’s always ready to help near you.

Do you have an emergency problem on your hands? Call Lynn’s HVAC today and speak to one of our trained professionals who will guide you through every step of the way. We have the experience, training, and tools to ensure your furnace problem is handled quickly and efficiently.



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