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What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a great device to have to prevent water damage in your home. This item is necessary if you live in an area that receives a lot of rain every year or if you live in a flood zone. The device has saved many lives for many people and has saved many homes from extensive damage. Continue reading below to learn more about this device and about how to obtain one for your home.


What is it?


A sump pump is put in a sump pit. A sump pit is created by a contractor going to the lowest place in your home. It helps in preventing flooding in your basement from significant water impacts.


In most time periods, the pump is literally doing nothing. It is ready to go into activation mode when it is needed, however. If the pump is filled with water, it will be turned on. The device will simply remove water from the sump pit that was dug out and will drain it to the closest area necessary.




There are many benefits to obtaining one of these pumps in your home. As aforementioned, the device can prevent significant water damage to your home and your basement. It can protect you from flooding in your home.


Along with this, the pump can assist your home in many other damages that may come as a result of water damage. It will prevent insect damage, paint damage and damage to your appliances. There will be no mold exposure due to excess water, and your basement will remain dry. It will even provide added benefits to your already existing home insurance.


Should I Get One?


It is important to consider whether your home needs one of these pumps. There are clear benefits, but limited supplies. There are certain things that should be considered to determine if you need one of these devices.


If you live in a flood zone or in an area that receives a lot of precipitation, it may be a good idea to look into one of these pumps. If your basement is completely finished, this may also be a great addition so as to not ruin what is in your basement. Finally, if your basement has flooded previously, look into one of these devices.


Final Thoughts


A pump such as this one can provide significant benefits to your home to prevent flooding and water damage, as well as all of the damage that comes along with water such as insects and mold. Contact Lynn’s to determine an estimate for having one of these devices installed in your home. Keep you, your loved ones and your home protected this season. Click here to check out our emergency plumbing services in Winnipeg.


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