What Is A Rooter Service & Why You Need It

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Have you heard the term “rooter service” but don’t know exactly what it is? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Rooter services get their name from the tasks they perform. A router service clears your clogged drains and sewer systems due to food, hair, grease, or other debris. If you have a clogged drain or plumbing line in your home, you might think about clearing the mess yourself.

While you may save some money by doing it yourself, the risks involved may end up costing you more time and headache than you bargained for. If you try unclogging your drains using improper techniques or products, you could end up damaging your pipes further requiring expensive professional services to fix them.

Hiring a professional rooter service to service your clogged drain or sewer line is a low-cost, safe, and efficient way to clear clogged drains. In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of hiring a professional rooter service, and why you should think twice about cleaning a clogged drain or sewer line by yourself.

Rooter Service & Rooter Machines – A Brief History

Rooter services were first introduced to solve problems of tree roots clogging underwater sewer lines. Service experts used rooter machines that moved a long steel cable through the clogged drain or pipe to clear away tree roots that clogged the drain or pipeline.

Today, rooter service technicians use a device called a plumber’s snake to unclog drains. These snakes are motor-driven or manual cables that break up or pull out clog materials in drains and underground pipelines. Modern rooter services also use hydro jetting and root-killing chemicals if necessary to unclog drain problems in your home or building.

Modern rooter services are equipped with the necessary skills and equipment to repair pipes and drains that are corroded or damaged as a result of tree roots and other debris. They provide a complete plumbing service to meet your residential and commercial drain cleaning needs. You need a rooted service when you have a clogged drain or sewer line in your home or commercial property.

The Risks Of Clogged Drains

A clogged drain or sewer line in your home or commercial property can negatively affect you and your property in many ways. The accumulation of stagnant water mixed with clogging agents like food, hair, and other debris produces unpleasant smells. If you don’t remove the blockage, this accumulation can lead to health problems for people living in your home or commercial building.

Another risk is to your property as the backflow of water from blocked drains and pipelines may soak into the foundation of the building and cause structural damages to the building.

Why Hire Professionals To Clean Clogged Drains And Sewer Lines

A plumbing tool in the hands of an experienced plumber can do wonders. They use unclogging equipment regularly and have specialized knowledge and techniques to do the job safely and effectively.

While tempting to try using these tools yourself, Inserting a powerful plumbing tool into your pipes comes with an element of risk both to you and your drains. Using these tools without training can result in pipe cracking or breaking, requiring expensive repairs that may leave you without running water.

The risks of damages or expensive repairs aren’t worth the cost of hiring a professional rooter service to do the job in the first place. A professional rooter service is more affordable than you may think. They’ll come when you need it to assess and remove the clog quickly and safely.

The safest way to unclog your drains is by hiring a professional and local rooter service. Lynn’s HVAC Winnipeg has serviced Winnipeg and surrounding areas for over 25 years. They are experts at all things plumbing, drains, and clogs and can be scheduled around your schedule. Lynn’s offers regular service as well as 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

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