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Common Types of Dirt, Mites, and Mold Found in HVAC Ducts, and What You Can Do About Them

Contaminants are found throughout HVAC ducts. These contaminants provide dirty ventilation in your home for poor air quality. Continue reading below to learn about the most common contaminants and what you can do.




Dirt is an inanimate contaminate that is found in HVAC ducts. This means that it is not a living organism. These often provide for allergies and flu-like illnesses.


Dirt is often created via particles that come off of humans, plants or animals. The dirt can be composed of dust, pollen or dander, for example. These are all natural lung irritants that can provide illness on a wide range as aforementioned. Symptoms can include coughing, sneezing, congestion and body aches or fever if the irritation is significant. Inhalation is easy when there is significant dirt in the air ducts.


Dust Mites


Dust mites are animate contaminants and household mites. They are literally microscopic, living organisms that can be found living among your air ducts. They consume dead skin and cause lung irritation due to powerful toxins in their digestive tracts.


Feces from these dust mites are what cause the lung irritations that become so annoying causing significant symptoms such as those aforementioned. They are difficult to detect in air ducts but easily enter through furniture and bedding. They breed very rapidly so are able to continually produce more and more dust mites to produce more and more lung irritants.




Mold spores, which develop into visible mold, are often found in HVAC ducts. Mold in ducts can provide minor lung irritation or large-scale health danger. If you smell mildew or must coming from multiple areas of the house, you probably have a mold infestation in your air ducts.


There are many symptoms that may be caused by mold including eyes, lung, throat and nose irritation. You may also develop rashes, dizziness or headaches for no reason if the mold is a more severe type such as black mold. If the mold grows rapidly, you could even see it growing around the vents and ducts.


What Can I Do?


If you have significant dirt build-up, mite infestation or mold infestation in your HVAC air ducts, it is important to clean them. Cleaning HVAC ducts is the most effective solution for ridding your household for many of these unfortunate contaminants. Routine cleaning will improve the health for you and all of your family members living in your home. It is important to have this done on a routine basis so as to prevent future build-up when possible.


Final Thoughts

Whether you already have contaminants or want to prevent future contaminants, it is important to have your HVAC system cleaned. Contact Lynn’s to help you in cleaning your air ducts. It is time to live a healthier life.

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