Things to Do In Winnipeg

Wandering Winnipeg – Things To Do in The Capital of Manitoba

The prairies aren’t all grass and wonderful sunsets (although that’s a part of the allure) it’s also home to some of the most cosmopolitan cities in Northern America – and one of those is the city of Winnipeg.This is a city filled to the brim with cultural attractions, some fabulous museums and some dining opportunities that will have even the most demanding of gourmands champing at the bit to take a seat at one of its dining institutions. The challenge of visiting Winnipeg is just how to prioritize just what you will take in during your visit.

Here are some great places to start your exploration of this vibrant city.

The Forks National Historic Site is worth a visit for any anyone who is in Winnipeg. Not only is it a wonderfully scenic venue, but it is filled to the brim with history. The site was a meeting place for Aboriginal people for generations – but has now been transformed into a place where families can gather and enjoy some wonderful performances in the comfort of a venue that has all the modern amenities. For those who want to explore the availability of canoes for rent is an absolute plus. There’s a fabulous kiddies play area known as the ‘Variety Heritage Adventure Park’ and this cements this venue as the perfect spot for a family day out.

For those who want to really want to get under the skin of the Winnipeg experience – and what makes greater Manitoba such a fascinating place to visit or call home, there is the Manitoba Museum. Here thousands of years of history are unwrapped in a variety of ways – from interactive exhibits to planetarium. For the younger members of the family, the sight of what the area looked like 450 million years ago and the exhibit showing the Nonsuch which was a 17th-century ship that was key in opening the Canadian West are highlights.

A short distance from Winnipeg one finds Oak Hammock Marsh – one of the natural wonders of the area. These wetlands play temporary home to hundreds of thousands of birds which are migrating to more fertile hunting grounds. In Spring the majestic sight of around 400,000 Geese will cause even the most ardent of nature lovers to draw breath.

However, for those who want to really experience the wildlife of the area, a Polar Bear experience is the way to do it. This is not a day trip – it takes up to a week. But tour operators will take nature lovers on the excursion of a lifetime. Get out onto the Canadian tundra with one of these tours leaving from Winnipeg and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. See these magnificent animals in their natural habitat while at the same time experiencing one of the last great unspoiled places on Earth.

Winnipeg is not only a great city with wonderful attractions – but it can also be the jumping off point for those who want to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Make sure you book your trip as soon as possible.

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